Conform oneself
to new or different

Fundamentally, we pursue a wonderful and explicit ambition; to be the best data-driven marketing agency, at least in the Benelux region. And we certainly won’t hesitate to go beyond those borders in further pursuing that ambition! As an agency, we’re sincere in helping our customers, acting as a guide through all of these developments. We not only advise, we also especially realise. We always have our finger on the pulse with respect to fleshing out objectives and results.

Even if we do say so ourselves, Adeptiv is an ingenious amalgamation of two words which together communicate exactly what makes us so extraordinary.


adept; very skilled or proficient at something.

Simply put, we are highly skilled experts. We want to become and stay the best in our profession. We invest continually in new knowledge, we’re curious and eager to learn, sometimes stubborn, but above all, very involved. We want to make everyone we work with a more skilled person in the broadest sense of the word. Not through an imposed demand for performance, but from the conviction that there is nothing more wonderful than developing as a person, surprising yourself, and continuing to grow. To put it in a rather unconventional way, we service you as customers by making our own people our main priority.

to adapt; conform oneself to new or different conditions

We adapt whenever the times demand it. We’re always on the move, looking for the answers to new questions. However, never confuse adaptation with laziness. We prefer to invest our energy and will to win only in opportunities, rather than spending them on frustrations or negativity. This involves having the courage to examine everything clearly in the light of day, including yourself. It means being open to other opinions and allowing yourself to be nurtured by the qualities of others. Not just every now and again, but every day.

We believe in a fantastic future full of unprecedented possibilities, and in opportunities based on technology developed from the core human value of creativity.

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We are forerunners. Always have been. Innovating by staying in motion.

technology based, human driven

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On Tuesday 4 October 2016, PostNL announced the acquisition of the digital marketing agencies Searchresult and Yourzine. Together with the PostNL divisions Cendris Inzicht & Campagnes (I&C) and Marvia, we formed a new company as of 1 January 2017: Adeptiv. Pleased to make your acquaintance!


With the joining of these forces, Adeptiv now has all of the marketing disciplines under one roof. This is essential, because the marketing playing field is constantly and rapidly developing in the fields of personal dialogue, relevance, and added value. That core philosophy pursued by both Searchresult and Yourzine will be continued unabated in the ambitions of the new company. We will actively connect with one another and work together whenever the customer requests that we do so. At the same time, Yourzine and Searchresult will remain individual brands in their own right, in their own field and with their own expertises.

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